Triangle’s Vision

We believe in family; where everybody matters

Triangle’s Mission

We will deliver the best value for our customers by providing price competitive services while exceeding their expectations.

Our commitment to this mission has guided us for over 60 years to deliver services - through the deployment of talented, passionate, empowered people - and to deliver results.

Triangle’s Core Values

Our reputation in the marketplace will be defined by the service-oriented culture we attain through a common value system. Our value system will guide the daily behavior and decision making of all employees.

Security & Safety

We create a safe and secure work environment, before all else.


We always act professionally, with an uncompromising code of Integrity, honesty, and moral compass.


We respect everyone equally; treat them as we want to be treated, making the right decisions for all the right reasons.


We have clear, frequent, honest, open, & transparent exchanges of information with a strong customer & employee focus.

Customer Satisfaction

We - through safety, integrity, caring of others, and open & honest communication - deliver on performance.