In 2012, Triangle Services achieved nationwide Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification, which offers cleaning organizations a certification that is closely tailored to provide its customers with exactly what they need to secure points under LEED for existing buildings. As a result, CIMS-GB demonstrates an organization's ability to assist customers in achieving LEED-EBOM points as well as offering customers assurance that the organization they select is prepared to partner with them in the LEED process.

When you operate in 45 different states nationwide, you have a corporate responsibility to monitor the environmental impact of "business as usual". At Triangle  we're proud to certify multiple LEED buildings nationwide and we highlight our ability to offer sustainable managed facilities support services. The green technology and products we use to maintain your facilities are not only affordable, but integrated into our best practices. There's no up-sell for doing the right thing. We're one of the largest facilities maintenance & managed service providers in the nation; it would be embarrassing and wasteful for us NOT to invest in innovative technologies that improve sanitation standards beyond par. We're a firm believer that sustainable products shouldn't cost our clients more. We have our eye on tomorrow.

We're green for our own sake. We're cost effective for yours. Whether you're looking to improve the indoor air quality for your occupants, certify your facilities LEED, or engineer efficient lighting systems for your buildings, our LEED maintenance specialists are equipped with eco-friendly expertise and training to support your most ambitious eco-friendly initiatives. We don't just provide services to your business; we support your business with the environment in mind. We are committed to providing clients with environmentally responsible service solutions. Taking a holistic approach and leveraging state-of-the-art green technologies, our experts aim to support your green goals long term.

What is LEED? It's an internationally recognized building and facilities certification system developed by the United States Green Building Council. Benchmarking and measuring the environmental metrics that matter the most (e.g.) water efficiency, carbon emissions, indoor air quality, and energy consumption, the standards help facilities managers’ exercise best practices while reaping the benefits of resource stewardship. LEED is a concise rubric that is flexible to all building types and all facilities lifecycles.